How to recover from a loan that is overdue

How to Recover from a Loan That is Overdue

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you are finding it challenging to repay your loan? Do not worry. We at Little Pesa do understand that things may not turn out as you had planned. This is especially the case with the current COVID 19 pandemic which has caused financial distress and unexpected emergencies. You can still redeem yourself and get your finances in order. Some of the ways you can do it include:


If you know you’re going to make a late loan payment, it’s a good idea to communicate with us. Littlepesa is always open to discussion on the various repayment options available in case of late payment.

Make Partial Payments

Partial payments come in handy when you are finding it challenging to fully settle your loan balance. The partial payments option is available at Littlepesa and this can be done through the app, USSD code, or paybill.

Proper Planning

After defaulting it is important to learn from the situation. Little Pesa gives loan limits and you can take loans as and when you need them. There are three top-ups available within your Short Term loan limit. Refrain from availing of loans that charge unsustainable interest rates. Avoid debt trap and borrow only that much which you can repay.  In case, you are already under a debt trap, achieve financial stability through our Flexipay loan limits where limits are higher and repayments are spread over 3-12 months. So yes, there is hope amidst the financial uncertainties in life and the hope is here with us!