Achieve financial stability with Flexipay credit facility

Loan Limits up to Ksh 300,000 available – loans repayments spread over 3-12 months.

About Little Pesa

Loan Repayment spread over 3 – 12 months.

Loan Amount available up to Ksh 300,000

Competitive Interest Rates of 6% p.m. for 3 months, 5.5% p.m. for 6 months, 5% p.m. for 9 months and 4.5% p.m. for 12 months

No Processing Charges or Hidden Costs!

Only post-dated cheques required!

Flexipay loans shall enjoy interest refund of 0.5% p.m. provided all instalments are paid on time.

No Downpayment required.

Option to choose installment date.


How it works

Sign in

- Input your PIN.
- Choose the Flexipay option.
- Click on the ‘Apply’ Button.
- Request loan
– Your loan limit is displayed.

Loan Amount & Duration

- Select Loan Duration & input Loan Amount.
- Confirm Terms & Conditions & Request loan.
- Confirmation Pop up comes- indicating Down payment & Monthly Instalment.

Loan Application and Disbursement

- Click Apply, M-PESA Pop up for Down Payment comes. After you have paid Down Payment, you get a message confirming date and amount of monthly equated instalments and your M-PESA A/C is credited with the loan amount in full.

Need Help with Flexipay?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please download the Little Pesa App from Google Play store or App Store and sign up. If you are already using Little Pesa App, you just sign up for Flexipay on your App itself.

After signing up, please send your ID Copy, latest Payslip (if applicable), Bank and MPESA statements for the last 3 months. On approval, you will get an SMS from Little Pesa specifying your approved loan limit. In case of Rejection, you will also be advised. 

The account can be activated by entering your ID no. and mobile no.  Upon activation, you will receive One Time PIN (OTP) from Little Pesa and once you enter the said OTP, you will be prompted to change the PIN to four digits of your choice. In case, you are already active under our Short-Term Loan Product, you will not receive a new PIN on activation and the existing PIN will work for all the products.

3 Months –6% p.m.; 6 Months- 5.5% p.m.; 9 Months-5 % p.m.; 12 Months-4.5% p.m. 

Please select Flexipay option under loan types on your app and then Apply and specify the period and amount of loan. After you have deposited cheques for the monthly instalments, loan amount id directly disbursed to your Mpesa account. 

There is No Processing Fee or Hidden Charge. Apart from interest, we only charge Ksh 60 per disbursement as M-Pesa charge. The disbursement charge of Ksh 60 remains same for a disbursement up to Ksh 150,000 i.e., the maximum amount that can be disbursed through MPESA at a time.

You need to pay monthly equated instalment. It is computed taking into account principal plus interest minus down payment divided by number of months. e.g., if you apply for a loan of Ksh 100,000 for a period of 6 months, down payment is 10% i.e., Ksh 10,000 and monthly equated instalment is Ksh 20,500 i.e., 100,000 -10,000 +33,000/6.

Our loan limits are fixed at maximum at 200% of the Net Pay/Average monthly income subject to a maximum loan limit of Ksh 300,000.

No. You must repay the outstanding loan before you can avail another loan 

You can repay your loan by tapping Repay Loan Icon on our App’s Home screen. The instalment due can be repaid by tapping Full Repayment (instalment amount due) or  Custom button ( for partial or excess repayment).  Safaricom M-Pesa screen will appear in our App for you to enter your M-Pesa PIN and repay the loan. Additionally, you can repay your loan through our Paybill no. 172555 – your mobile no. will be your account no.

Yes. Prepayment of loan is allowed provided you have repaid interest for 3 months. In fact, 3 months interest is loaded to your account on availing the loan.

Yes, you can. You need to go to your Safaricom M-Pesa, tap LIPA NA M-PESA and then fill as under: – Paybill no. 172555 Account no.; Mobile no. of the person you are paying for; Amount Ksh you want to pay

Your money remains safe as your funds can only be credited to your M-Pesa account which is protected by your M-Pesa PIN. As an additional security measure, our system does not allow accessing our services on another device. Accordingly, you need to contact us for resetting your device in case of change of Mobile Phone.

If you are not able to repay the loan within the stipulated time, you shall be charged extra interest of 4% on the overdue amount.

In that case, the loan is considered as overdue interest shall be charged.